Chairman's Message 2018

Securing Our Future

At the core of our mission to be reliable and efficient, and improve the quality of life, we are building a strong foundation to provide a sustainable future for our customers.


A Strong Financial Standing

Our sustainability efforts are anchored on a robust and stable financial infrastructure. For the year closing 31 March 2018, we achieved a net profit of S$1.022 billion. This includes the contribution of S$177.4 million from our Australian associates.

In September 2017, SP PowerAssets (SPPA) successfully priced the tightest spread for a Singapore corporate bond in a decade with our new 10-year 144A/Reg S US$600 million bond. The bond generated an order book of US$1.9 billion, a testament to investors’ confidence in SPPA’s credit. The funds will be utilised to finance the renewal and upgrading of our infrastructure projects, allowing Singapore’s power grid to remain one of the most reliable and efficient in the world.

Financial Highlights

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Photo: Sembcorp Marine.

At the Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard, we are deploying a digital energy-saving system that will reduce its consumption by up to 30 per cent. The system combines 4.5 MegaWattpeak (MWp) solar panels – the largest single solar rooftop in a Southeast Asian shipyard. The solar rooftop will deliver up to 5.38GWh of energy annually – enough to power almost 1,120 four-room flats and reduce 2,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, equivalent to removing 530 vehicles off local roads.

SP and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) are building a multi-energy urban micro-grid at SIT’s campus at the upcoming Punggol Digital District, with a target to reach zero emission. Integrating gas, electricity and thermal energy into a unified smart energy network, the system can help SIT save energy and eliminate carbon emissions, equivalent to removing close to 2,000 vehicles off the roads. SP and SIT are also working on research in areas such as district energy models, converting waste to renewable energy and raising energy efficiency arounds the campus.

To promote greater integration of renewable energy sources onto the electricity grid, we have developed one of the world’s first global renewable energy trading platform, powered by blockchain technology. This platform enables buyers and producers of renewable energy to trade Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) in a simple, secure and cost-effective manner.

We are advancing towards 100 per cent electrification of our vehicle fleet by 2030. This is projected to reduce carbon emission by more than 30 per cent. To encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles in Singapore, we are collaborating with corporate partners to install charging infrastructure at their facilities for public use.

Developing Innovative Solutions together

We continue to invest in partnerships and seek innovative solutions to deliver greater value to our customers. The finale of the first global utilities accelerator programme, Free Electrons, saw us sign Memoranda of Understanding with two start-ups in the areas of digital solutions and renewables.

To nurture future engineering talent, we have partnered Singapore Polytechnic to launch ideaBox, an idea translation lab that will turn promising ideas into real-world green applications. Students will be exposed to industry challenges, test new ideas and build cost-saving solutions for customers.

Saving Energy And Cost

Photo: CapitaLand.

We are expanding our collaboration with CapitaLand in its Raffles City Chongqing project. Besides designing, building, owning and operating an advanced energy-efficient cooling system, we are integrating the water and ventilation systems for optimal heating system performance. This entire system is expected to deliver at least 50 per cent savings in energy consumption for the development.

To help the community make energy-saving a way of life, we partnered the National Environment Agency in the nation-wide Energy-Saving Challenge in 2017. The three-month campaign drew close to 7,000 participants who saved 330,000 kWh of electricity – enough to power 1,000 three-room flats for more than a month. Participants could use the SP Utilities mobile app to track their consumption. This builds on our experience with South West Community Development Council (CDC) in the Power Savers for Charity @ South West campaign for the past two years. Last year, 25,000 residents in the district pledges to save energy and other resources. SP and South West CDC matched the pledges with a S$100,000 donation to underprivileged residents in the district.

Helping Customers Change And Save

With the soft launch of the Open Electricity Market in Jurong in April 2018, we are helping customers change seamlessly to a retailer of their choice and enjoy savings. Those who choose to remain with SP can buy from the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) or at regulated tariff. Buying from WEM gives customers access to the prevailing electricity market prices which reflects the current demand and supply at half-hourly intervals. For the last two years, WEM prices have been approximately 30 per cent lower than the regulated tariff.

Besides cost savings, we continue to tap on digital solutions to provide customers with greater convenience. We have been adding new features to the SP Utilities mobile app. With this, customers can make a more informed choice of a retailer that best suits their needs. This is supported by the installation of smart meters nationwide. As of March 2018, we have installed  140,000 smart meters.

Network Reliability

Regardless of customers’ choice of retailer, we will continue to operate the national power grid so they can enjoy the same reliable and efficient electricity supply. Last year, customers experienced 0.19 minute of electricity interruption and 0.48 minute of gas interruption. This places Singapore among the most reliable power networks in the world. To maintain this performance, we will utilise digital technology to remotely control all 6.6kV distribution network substations by 2020. We can monitor and attend to network incidents quickly, and efficiently.

We are implementing the Smart Gas Network Deployment system over the next three years, which will result in better real-time awareness of network performance and improve response to impending incidents. Data analytics, including pre-emptive detection of gas leaks, will improve network safety and reliability.

After six years, we are completing the construction of our cross-island Transmission Cable Tunnel project in 2018. This will enable the timely renewal of ageing assets more efficiently, with minimal disruption to the public.

Service With Dedication And Distinction

Our efforts to transform our service culture and processes to keep pace with customer expectations were validated when SP Services won the prestigious Singapore Quality Award 2017. Our training arm, Singapore Institute of Power and Gas, earned a May Day 2018 award for digital transformation in being a first mover in facilitating training for power sector communities online.

Our people also gave back to the community through more than 7,000 hours of volunteer service. Close to 30 per cent of our employees volunteered at least once in the past year.

In Appreciation

We have set bold but necessary targets in the face of transformation around us. Everyone has a role to play in our journey towards a sustainable future. I am proud of the SP Group family for being adaptable and continuously learning and sharpening their skills.

My deepest thanks to the Management and staff for their leadership and resolve in embracing our vision to secure our future together. I am grateful to our shareholder, business partners, union and regulator for their support. Finally, thank you to my fellow Board members for their guidance and counsel.

Mohd Hassan Marican

July 2018

Financial Statements