We are committed to helping our customers save energy and cost. To achieve this, we are tapping on innovation solutions, coupled with the use of renewables and energy storage solutions, to power a greener tomorrow.

Powering Southeast Asia's First Zero-Emission Building
SP Group has established the first zero-emission building that is powered by green hydrogen in Southeast Asia.
Empowering Consumers To Track And Reduce Their Carbon Footprints
The Carbon Footprint Tracker will enable all 1.6 million consumers to track their carbon footprint, based on their power consumption and lifestyle.
Charging Points For Electric Vehicles Increased To 200
SP Group (SP) increased its high-speed electric vehicle (EV) charging network to 200 points across Singapore, including 52 direct current (DC) fast chargers.
Imagine Sustainable Living
Imagine living in a sustainable community, where innovation powers aspiration.