We are committed to helping our customers save energy and cost. To achieve this, we are tapping on innovation solutions, coupled with the use of renewables and energy storage solutions, to power a greener tomorrow.

Our Sustainability Review
At SP Group, our sustainability strategy is guided by our commitment to network reliability, innovation and customer empowerment.
Charging up a Cleaner Energy Future
Observe Olivia Oo and you will notice the ease with which she switches between handling commercial engagements and making operational decisions.
Going Green while Staying at Home with My Carbon Footprint
Each of us can actively reduce the harmful effects of global warming and combat climate change. SP has launched its Carbon Footprint calculator - My Carbon Footprint, available now on the SP Utilities App.
Powering Southeast Asia's First Zero-Emission Building
SP Group has established the first zero-emission building that is powered by green hydrogen in Southeast Asia.