We are committed to helping our customers save energy and cost. To achieve this, we are tapping on innovation solutions, coupled with the use of renewables and energy storage solutions, to power a greener tomorrow.

Imprinting the SP DNA in Chongqing, China
“Staying cool” has been Ang Chee Keong’s key mission over the last 12 years in SP Group (SP), after he left his previous role as an oil terminal manager at a power generation company.
Calculate your carbon footprint, here’s why it matters
Did you know that one long-haul flight emits more carbon emissions than the total annual emissions produced by an average person in some countries?
Powering Tengah, Singapore’s first AI-enabled, eco-friendly, smart energy town
How can we enhance livability, sustainability and resilience of our cities through urban planning and urban innovation?
Our Sustainability Review
At SP Group, our sustainability strategy is guided by our commitment to network reliability, innovation and customer empowerment.